TEACHER 2023/2024 - POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION (SYSTEMS OF KNOWLEDGE) - (10th July 2023 - 12th April 2023)

TEACHER – Requires a teaching qualification

This call is open to all applicants having the requested eligibility under section 4.0 mentioned in the call. 

Assessment Criteria: https://educationservices.gov.mt/en/vacancies/Documents/Assessment%20Criteria%20-%20Teacher_Supply%20Teacher%202023.pdf

Job Description: https://educationservices.gov.mt/en/vacancies/Documents/Job%20Decription%20-%20Teacher.pdf

Annex A (Duties):  https://educationservices.gov.mt/en/vacancies/Documents/Annex%20A%20-%20Teacher%202023.pdf

Appendix A (Teaching Qualifications): https://educationservices.gov.mt/en/vacancies/Documents/Appendix%20A%20-%20Recognised%20Teaching%20qualifications%202023.pdf

Appendix B (Further Eligibility): https://educationservices.gov.mt/en/vacancies/Documents/Appendix%20B%20-%20Further%20eligibility%20criteria%20for%20Teacher%20call%202023.pdf

Applicants are strongly advised not to wait until the last day to submit their applications since heavy internet traffic or a fault with the internet connection could lead to difficulties in submission. MEYR cannot be held responsible for any delay due to such difficulties.

Applications open between 10 July 2023 and 12 April 2024

To proceed with your application kindly confirm (by ticking the boxes below) that you have scanned copies of the following documents to upload.

  •  Curriculum Vitae CV (prepare as one file/document for upload)
  •  Teaching qualification Diploma/Degree/Post Graduate certificates and any other qualifications(transcripts) and comparability(if applicable)as requested in call (prepare all uploads combined in one file for this request)
  •  Recent Police Conduct and Employment History if applicable
  • All uploads must be of the following file types .pdf,.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp,.tiff and collectively must be less than 10 MB.
  • Any documents submitted after two (2) working days from closing date will not be uploaded or considered under any circumstances.
For further assistance kindly contact Edu Servizz.gov on telephone number: 2598 0000.